Benete Beach, Enjoy Wonderful Travelling in Lombok

Benete Beach is one of the best tourists destinations in Lombok. You will see a beautiful beach with fine sand, clear and clean blue sea water displaying panoramic view. Benete has many things to offer to you. The nature, the water and its all surrounding area will refresh your mind. You can stop for a moment all of your activities and enjoy the beautiful panorama.

Benete Beach lies in the western part of Sumbawa, precisely in Benete Bay. Administratively, Benete is situated in Maluk District, Sumbawa Besar, West Nusa Tenggara. It is about an hour from Taliwang. The infrastructure is adequate for visitors to reach the beach comfortably. Road access is sufficient enough even though they are not too large.

Driving by car to reach the beach will not be difficult. If you travel from Mataram, you will still have to cross to Sumbawa Island. You must go through Kayangan Port in East Lombok towards Poto Tano.

You need to cross the island for about 2 hours. You can go by bus from Mataram to Maluk. When you have been in Benete Bus Station, you only need to go straight about one kilometer.

Benete is one of the best beaches you should include in your travel plan. You can share story of your visit in Benete Beach.

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