Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara

Belu Regency, NTT

Belu, is one of regencies in Nusa Tenggara Timur or East Nusa Tenggara. The capital is seat in Atambua city. This regency is bounded with Ombai strait in north, Timor ocean in south, North Central Timor regency and South Central Timor regency in west, Timor Leste in east.

Looking from the cultural and anthropological terms, the population of Belu regency in the composition of the society is divided into four major sub-ethnics, which is Ema Tetun, Ema Kemak, and Ema dawan Manlea. The four sub-ethnics inhabiting one locations with particular characteristics, way of life and language. Anyway, the majority populations are hold Christian-Catholics.

From the ecological aspect, the soil conditions in Belu is very fertile. In addition to having a layer of sandy soil and black types, it is also conditioned by the rainfall throughout the year. Hence, it is potential to developed into local farming and agriculture, which is already become the main livelihood among the society.

According to the folk legend, the first human being that lived in Belu was Melus tribe. Melus people was known as Emafatuk oan ai oan, which is mean as human that live in wood and stone. The characteristic is about strong, sturdy men and shorty.

In addition to the migrants, there are other groups that inhabiting Belu, which is coming from Sina Mutin Malacca. Malacca is the land of origin of the immigrants in Belu, who sailed to Timor through Larantuka.

Looking from tourism sector; although Belu is considered as dried and rocky reef, but it becomes the characteristic for Belu tourism. Beside, the tourism destination is not only coming from the natural sightseeing, but also in case of the traditional and cultural sight.

The destinations are about, Susuk hotspring and poo, Lorodirma traditional house, Masinlunik crater, Kamanasa tourism village, Matabesi traditional house, Makes fort, and more.

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