Baturaden natural attractions is one of the natural attractions on the island of Java, which is the slope of the mountains, Here tourists can enjoy the natural beauty and distinctive cool air of the mountains. In addition, visitors can also see some of the animals that live in the forest in the tourist area Baturaden. Besides the nice things above, Of Baturaden tourists can see the sights of the town of Purwokerto, the island of Nusa Kambangan and also some beautiful beaches in the area of Cilacap.

Baturaden located south slope of Mount Slamet part, precisely in the village Kemutuk Lor, District Baturaden, Banyumas. And is approximately 15km north of the town of Purwokerto, Central Java. The travel time from the town of Purwokerto to the tourist area Baturaden approximately 25 minutes.

Baturaden is a classical highland country in the foot of Gunung Slamet volcano. Central Java’s outstanding resort is approximately 14 km north of Purwokerto. It occupies a fine site on the slope of Mount Slamet, at an elevation of 650 m above sea level. It has remarkable weather with a cool mountain breeze. The temperature ranges from 18 degree C to 25 degree C. The resort area is surrounded by nice gardens, hot springs, ponds and bungalow-style hotels. Other features include 200 ha of pine forest, a nearby market and marvelous views. Some European groups are known to spend a day trekking through its Splendid Natural Forest and Villages. Always green, the area is blessed with an abundance of natural water resources spouting out in numerous waterfalls and rivers, which flow between the huge boulders of hardened lava. The huge boulders also points out to Ravines and river bank and form some kind of path, apparently having rolled down from Mount Slamet during a eruption many centuries ago.

Baturaden is renowned for local tourism; with attraction of hot spring, trekking and camping. The main attraction for tourist is the Loka Wisata Baturaden, a recreational Park with a swimming pool, water slide, lake; children’s play ground with an Old Dutch Merry-go-round, Hot water mineral spring and Botanical Gardens. We can come to spend the whole day, picnicking on the grassy lawn or along the river or bathing in the mineral waters, which contain sulfur. There are two natural hot spring in Baturaden, namely Pancuran Telu and Pancuran Pitu. The park connects with “Pancuran Tujuh” (Seven Fountains) of warm sulfuric spring water about 2,5 Km’s away. The camping ground is called Wana Wisata. There are 76 hotels ranging from the star grade to the modest one for overnight stay. We can go perum berkoh there are one elite house in this city.


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