Batu Tegi Dam

Most inhabitants were Semendo ethnic group (South Sumatra) that resided in this territory since beforehand. Beside the main function as PLTA and the irrigation, as the tourist attraction, the dam / this reservoir had the attraction of amazing scenery. The lake that was formed by the pool of this dam water was very wide. Surrounded hills, this object was depicted in canvas that like the magnet sucked attention of the visitor until keep for a prolonged period to gaze for a long time. If being lucky, various tasteless fish kinds could be bought in: baung, cork, patin, etc; that was the arrest of the inhabitants around by the motorboat that often leant to jeti -the quay apung- two to four times a day. The interested person could lease their boat to just go round the lake or fished. Although this object did not yet have adequate facilities for tourists, but since last 2002 was visited by the Tanggamus community and outside the area especially during the holiday and the weekend.

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