Batu Lumampu Beach


Lamampu stone beach is a beach resort located in District Sebatik, in Nunukan, East Kalimantan Province. Indonesia. The name is derived from the English coast Tidung that have meaning Stone Arise. Stone lamapu tourist attraction located on the island of Sebatik. On this island there is also a wide expanse of beach and beautiful, and when the sea water was high tide so-called Stone Lumapu. The place is also at odds with Nunukan Island. Lamampu stone beach in the district Sebatik become a favorite tourist attraction Nunukan residents. The sacred stone stones often become a haven lamampu tourists. on top of a pile of rocks that contained a banyan tree. citizens believe, by tying a rope to the tree and name the person who wants a companion of life, certainly the intention will be granted.

For trips to the beach stone lamampu, residents must cross the ocean prior to the dock mantikas Sebatik western districts using public or private boat. then use the car to the beach rock lamampu Sebatik districts. various snacks available there, a delicious grilled fish can be accompanied at the time of going to lunch. Sebatik Island is famous for its fish, so the price of fish sold relatively cheaper than that sold in Nunukan Island. various activities carried out citizens who traveled on the beach rocks lamampu. ranging from grilled grilled fish, just to take pictures with views of white sand, and there is also a swim.

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