Batik Village Laweyan-Solo,Central Java,Indonesia

Kampoeng Batik Laweyan is a village that having 24.83 hectare territory and about 2.500 citizen living on it. Laweyan is the oldest Kampoeng Batik in Indonesia.

Laweyan is one of the central Batik in Solo. This village was the icon Batik Solo. Since the 19th century, this village was known as batik village. That is why the village of Laweyan once known as the village of batik boss (kampong juragan batik).

The batik traditional art masterpiece continually performed by Laweyan’s society until now. The surrounding situation of batik making activities in the past, predominated by the existence of batik entrepreneur as the owner of batik business.

Laweyan is also popular with the building shape, especially the batik enterpreneur’s architecture houses influence by Javanese, European, Chinese and Islamic traditional architecture. Former glory native batik merchants earlier times (tempo doeloe) commonly called ‘Gal Gendhu’ can be seen from the legacy of his palatial home. In this area, they did show his glory with a race to build a luxury mansion with beautiful architecture. The buildings are provided by a high hedge or ’fortres’ coused the forming of the specific tight alleys such in town space area.

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