Batik Mega Mendung

batik_mega_mendung.jpgBe that in the history of Sunan Gunung Jati teaching of Islam that developed in the area of Cirebon married with a daughter named China Tie Ong. His wife is very attention put on the field of art, especially Ceramics. Motives that brought on the Ceramics of the Chinese nation is ultimately affect motives batik going to blend between Cirebon-Chinese culture.

One of the most famous motif of the Cirebon batik is cloudy or Mega-Awan awanan. At this motif can be seen both in the form of color and style Chinese tastes.
Overcast cloud motif symbolizes the bearer of rain in the later-natikan as fertility, and its life. This motif is dominated by blue, light blue dark blue hingg began. Color dark blue depicts the dark clouds that contain rain water, our Livelihood, while the light blue color symbolizes the bright of life.

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