Batik Gedog Tuban

Batik Gedog has so many kinds of motif and design , such as Ganggeng,Kembang Randu, Kembang Waluh, Cuken, Melati Selangsang, Satriyan, Kijing Miring, Likasan Kothong, Guntingan, Panjiori, Kenongo Uleren, Panji Krentil, Panji Serong, and Panji Konang. The last 3 of motifs, in former was only wears by the prince. Then Panji Krentil that has indigo color, believes have a power to healing some diseases.

Former, Batik Gedog only use or wear in a tradional ceremony such as earth alms ( sedekah bumi ), wedding, and funeral. But by the time, Batik Gedog now, is also use as a daily clothes and other functions such as such as souvenirs, like tablecloth, bad cover, and also wall’s decoration.

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