Bathoro Kathong Grave

bathoro_katong_grave.jpgBathoro Katong grave is located in Sentono village, Jenangan district, about 2 km to the east from the centre of the city. Bathoro Katong was the founder and the first Regent of Ponorogo and also the leading figure of the disseminator of Islam religion in Ponorogo.
He was the descendants of Brawijaya King from Majapahit and Raden Patah Brother from Demak kingdom that was the first Islam kingdom in Java. In this funeral complex was also buried the other leading figure of Ponorogo, that is Patih Seliaji and Kyai (the religious teacher) Ageng Mirah.
In certain time especially in Suro month and Ruwah (the Javanese calendar), in Bathoro Katong funeral complex is often visited by many pilgrims who want to pray for the soul who was buried.
This funeral complex is also believed by many people as the effective place to pray, because of that, this place was always busy by the visitors who have pilgrim.

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