Batee Iliek

batee_iliek3.jpgBatee Iliek is the name of a river located in the southdistrict Samalanga (Bireuen – NAD). This place has become famous as a tourist attraction since the early 90’s. To this day hundreds of people visit each weekend, especially on the final days of school after exams or entering the school holidays it will be a lot of school kids cornucopia, both of Samalanga itself or also from outside Samalanga.

Batee Iliek it self is derived from the word Batee which means stone, and iliek which means to flow, so it can be interpreted Batee Iliek is a collection of stones that flows. There is also an opinion that says if it comes from the word iliek leu’ik which means muddy, but few agree.

Since the beginning of 2007 the region as a tourist attraction Iliek Batee been slicked up with stalls set up neatly lined up along the banks of the river, make your visitors can easily enjoy the panoramic beauty of the river water.

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