Administratively, Batakan Beach is included in the region of Batakan village, Penyipatan sub-district, Tanah Laut district, South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Although relatively new, this beach is quite frequently visited by tourists, especially on weekends and other holidays. As one of the mainstay attractions, local government has been managing the beach overlooking the Java Sea this seriously. This was proved by various support facilities have been built in this coastal region.

Lively and exotic. That’s about first impressions when visiting the beach Batakan. Stretch of white sand beach wide and ramps, as well as a stunning panorama of nature, makes it so special attractions visited with family or colleagues. The wind is blowing breeze and coconut leaves are swaying, and punctuated by low-flying sea birds and the occasional grabbing of sea water, add to the attraction of this tourist area.

Sand beaches stretching to give enough space to tourists to carry out various activities, like sunbathing and making sculptures out of sand. Fine sand beaches are very supportive of tourists who want to work out here, like playing football and beach volleyball. Meanwhile, waves of the sea is relatively little support tourists who want to swim and play waves on this beach.

Here also is available the rental boat and horse, so it can be used by tourists who want to enjoy the beach area along the two kilometer boat ride and ride horses. Besides enjoying the beaches, fishing is also one tourist destination visited Batakan Coast, because in this region there are different kinds of fish.

After enjoying the beauty of Batakan beach, tourists can then rent a motor boat to visit the island of Datu, an island area of ??10,000 square kilometers located off the coast Batakan. The island is often visited by people who want to visit the tomb of Datu Pamulutan, a scholar / spreading of Islam in Tanah Laut regency of his day loved to catch the bird with sticky rice (sap).

In the afternoon, panoramic coastal areas are increasingly exotic. Travelers can enjoy the sunset (sunset) while relaxing in the tourist huts, shelters, shelter, and food stalls are found there.

The existence of these attractions more complete with a main ritual of fishermen Batakan Coast region in July or August each year. Rituals are performed to obtain the blessing and salvation to those sponsored in Papadangan fishermen, a place which is about 1.5 kilometers from the beach Batakan. In the area there Batakan Coast markets, shops, and cafes that provide various needs of tourists, such as food, beverages, reload, and fishing supplies.

For tourists who want to stay, can rent a cottage, guesthouse, and home stay located in the area around this beach. In the region were also available a vast camping ground and safe, so it can be used by tourists who want to camp. Various other facilities, such as the pavilion, cottage, shelter, shelter, tourism police, coastguard, health centers, as well as boat and horse rentals are also available here.

Pelaihari city, the capital of the Land of the Sea, located about 104 kilometers from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan provincial capital. While Batakan Coast about 40 kilometers south of the City Pelaihari. Tourists can access it using a private vehicle or public transportation (buses), either to the city of Banjarmasin City Pelaihari and from the city to the beach Batakan Pelaihari.


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