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The Base G Beach (a former American WW2 base) is located about 10 km west of the city of Jayapura, Papua. The beach is beautiful and from here you look at the Pacific Ocean which is the gateway for ships sailing by from the west. The Base G beach is quiet and still very natural and clean. The water is clear and the beach is made of white sand. The water is so clear you can see clearly through at the underwater scenery. Besides enjoying the scenery you can also go swimming, fishing, diving or rent a boat and sail around a bit.

Local residents have built some benches and cabins to chill and hang out if you get tired of the sun. There are also several types of trees providing shade. While in Jayapura be sure to visit Base G Beach as it never hurts to spend a day and enjoy this beautiful beach. Base G Beach is nearly 3km long, sandy, clean and lined with wooden picnic platforms. The best beach easily accessible from Jayapura, it is usually near empty, except on Sunday when locals come in droves for a bathe and a walk. Beware the many rocks in the water. Base G was the American forces’ administrative HQ in 1944. Frequent ‘Base G’ taksi (2000Rp) start from Jl Sam Ratulangi for the 5km trip; the beach is a 10-minute walk downhill from the last stop.

Base G beach is located to the east of the city of Jayapura, about 5 km from the city of Jayapura. The beach is a lot to save the histories of the Second World War-2-g base where the beach is one of the bases of the Allied Forces. The proof on this coast there are historical relics in the form of tanks used by the allies, there was an airfield in the coastal region and the base-g is used landmines from the world war-2. Area that was once a witness in the footsteps of World War 2 has a natural beauty that was incredible and very unfortunate if you passes through all of it. Base G beach famous for pristine, natural, unique, beautiful, comfortable and beautiful. As white sand invites you to linger pamper yourself. Sea water is clear blue and clear spoil your eyes and bring inspiration. In fact, translucent sea views to the sea floor.

beautiful beach that stretches along the Pacific Ocean. It’s really an ideal beach for your swimming pool or sports fan who likes to bask in the sun. On any given month you can see directly, can emerge from the horizon sunrise beach-g of this base. You can also browse the coastal areas where there are heritage objects of World War 2. So, sorry if you miss it all. Disekitaran beach is also available restroom is owned by local residents which is used to flush the body, change their clothes and other aktifivas use the bathroom. So you should not hesitate a moment longer to soak in coastal waters. The beach is also a magnet has been one of the Papuan people and travelers (domestic and international), usually in droves Papuans menjejakan foot on this beach. Especially on Sunday morning, the beach is likely to be devoid of visitors because most residents were still in church. The beach is crowded by late morning start. Getting late, the atmosphere more lively. All huts and benches are constructed of local residents to fill all the tourists, even visitors who are willing to roll out a mat to enjoy the beauty of this beach. From this beach, we can also see directly that the sprawling Pacific Ocean is also a gateway for the entry of ships from the west to the city of Jayapura. What a beauty that makes us as if forgetting time. Not only that, the wind blowing from the Pacific Ocean, waves and white sand, too, and enliven the beauty like no other. For tourists who want to visit the coast of base-g, can begin the journey from the city of Papua provincial capital Jayapura. Of the city, Jayapura, to ride public transportation to the direction of the eastern Jayapura with the cost of $0,5, after which it can be reached by motor vehicles at a cost of $0.5 to the beach. Apart from that, you can also use the vehicles at a cost of $50/ day.

This beach has its own charm with its white sand. This beach is located west of Jayapura, Papua. This beach faces east and is directly related to the Pacific ocean. Tanjung Ria beach is the real name of this but is better known as Coastal Base-G, because during World War II in 1944, allied troops landed on this beach and military bases to be made in the name-G Base Camp. It is not surprising that around the coast are found objects of war such as tanks, cannons, bullets, mines, and sebagainya.Pantai is located in the northern district of Jayapura. This beach can be reached by various types of vehicles, with a distance less than 10km from the city of Jayapura. Travel time to get to the beach is about 20 minutes from downtown Jayapura. G-Base coast is perfect for a family holiday destination. In addition to the white sand and pristine landscapes. Around the coast there are still lush trees, one of whom keben, the shape of trees and woody plants that software has a diameter of about 50 cm with a height of 4-16 meters. For those of you who want to relax and shelter, many small huts along the beach or the gazebo. Camping is provided by the local community, not by the City Government as the manager of the beach. Therefore you have to set up extra money to rent a cottage is $ 5 – (per-gazebo). Apart from the beauty of this beach, which take into account is the extortion of local residents either private car parking charges (motorcycle or car) is sometimes too large in number. This is because local residents still feel that this beach is an indigenous land (communal land), so that in their opinion, was the local community who are entitled only mengelola.Tentu course this needs special attention from local governments to curb the problem either levy levy entry beach area, and vehicle charges. So that tourists and visitors feel safe and comfortable travel in this beautiful beach.

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