Yogyakarta is famous for having lots of beach that has the beauty and uniqueness of each.There are offers seafood, sunset views, white sand, and various other unique, one of which is a coastal baron. Baron beach lies in Kemandang Village, Tanjungsari district about 23 km in the South of Wonosari city. Baron beach is the first beach that would be found in the junction of Baron, Kukup, Sepanjang, Drini, Krakal and Sundak beaches area. It is a bay with big wave. Baron beach is popular as fish catching area. There is a mouth of Underground River that can be used for bathing after playing in the beach. The visitors can also enjoy various kinds of low prices seafood or fresh fish and Baron’s special menu namely Kakap fish soup. There is limestone hill in this area. The visitors can reach that place by passing through a path. The way to go there is very interesting because it passes a place called Pegunungan Seribu (a thousand mountains).

aron Beach is a unique beach which has water comes along from mouth of the river, deep of the coastal. The coastal being a unique ecosystem beach which fish, crab and seaweed live in. Baron Beach has cool down waves, being the most favorite dock for fisherman to sell fish, crab and squid. The dock located in a cape, so it protected from wild wave of the south sea. Fisherman likes it, so do tourists, especially children and youth. They can play in the water without any worry.

Going to Baron Beach, there is highland between the road. In  the rainy season, being a beautiful landscape with green view on the hill, but in the dry season being a dry land, so dry that everyone can see the detail of the soil. The mountain surrounding Baron Beach named Seribu Mountain, means of thousands mountains. It lined from west to east, crossing into East Java province at the south.

East side of the Baron Beach is the best location for taking picture in the sun.There’s a pendopo, a Javanese traditional house, being shelter for people who taking picture and trekking the hill. The trekker can see beautiful southern Baron Beach which has white sand in the edge of the coastal. From the top, tens ships seen docking at the seashore in the morning, moving fresh fish from their refrigerator into nearest fish market. At the line pedestrian to beach, some little restaurant sells sea delicious menu for tourists dinning, such as fish and shrimp toasted.    

Visitors could have a magnificent view of the beach; about 10 kilometers in the West of Baron beach there are Parang Racuk hill with its mountain slopes. It challenged the visitors to do some adventures. Every syuro month (the first month of Javanese calendar), the fisherman societies organized a Labuhan sea ceremony, to express their gratitude to the God for the abundant fish harvest and for the welfare in fishing.



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