East Barito District is one of the districts in the province of Central Kalimantan , Indonesia which thousands of cities in Tamiang Layang. East Barito is the name officially assigned to this area after they become autonomous district since 2002. Previously, this area is still join the South Barito regency. Along with the spirit of regional autonomy, the people of East Barito recommends the establishment back East Barito District. Earlier, South Barito Barito known as the Downstream with an area of 8287.57 km2 along both sides of the Barito river basin, and East Barito with an area covering 3,013 km2 land east of the river Barito. Based on the division of administration at that time, and the Downstream Region East Barito Barito is Kewedanaan region of the Barito regency administration centers based in Muara Teweh.

Both regions Kewedanaan are:
1. Downstream Barito Kewedanaan with its capital Buntok
2. East Barito Kewedanaan with its capital Tamiang Layang

East Barito district is divided into 10 districts, namely:
1. Awang
2. Five continents
3. Central Dusun
4. East Hamlet
5. Karusen Janang
6. Paju Epat
7. Nail
8. Patangkep Tutui
9. Bund Karau
10. Raren Batuah

The total population of around 96 820 East Barito regency soul with the classification of 49 845 men and 46 975 women and Household number as many as 25 697 households (results of Census Indonesia 2010 ).

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