Baris Dance

baris_dance_1.jpgThe name of Baris was taken from Balinese word Bebaris which means groups of soldiers. This dance describes Balinese soldiers in the warring arena. The dancers hold weapons, such as: Tumbak (spear), Keris (dagger), etc. for supporting their soldier characters. Baris dance is performed by 8-40 male dancers. According to the different weapons, clothes and accessories, Baris has variations, such as Baris Tumbak, Baris Panah, Baris Tamiyang, Baris Bedil, Baris Jangkang, etc. This dance is often performed in many social events in Bali. Baris Gede is only performed in ceremonies. This dance is performed by a boy (before puberty). Baris Gede belongs to sacred dance and has purposes like Rejang.

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