Banyak Island

p.banyak_artikel5.jpgPulau Banyak or Banyak Islands is like a dream come through; uninhabited coral islands, fantastic beaches, snorkeling, turtles, surfing, pristine jungles and such a laid-back atmosphere that you will forget time.

Banyak Islands consists of 30-40 islands. The locals say 99, but they count big islands several times. Approximately 7.000 people live here. The main village is Desa P. Balai, which forms one settlement together with the village Desa P. Baguk on the island of Pulau Balai. The other villages are Teluk Nibung, Haloban, Asantola, Ujung Sialit and Suka Makmur.

The concept of time hardly exists in Banyak Islands; wonderful when you are at the beach, but frustrating when waiting for the boat. Pulau Banyak is not a very big tourist destination and still very Indonesian.

Traditional values are still strong and the locals appreciate tourists showing respect for their way of life. For example “decent” dressing in the villages, but out on the islands and the beaches, nobody cares.

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