Bantimurung Waterfall

bantimurung_waterfall.jpgCLEAR water swiftly slides down the rocky stone, cool, and flows without obstacle. Keep pure due to the diverse vegetations. Bantimurung Waterfalls beauty and coolness, treat your fatigue and will make you fresh. Come to Bantimurung Waterfall.

Location of Object
Bantimurung Waterfall Tourism Object located in Bantimurung District, Maros Regency, Province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The object is on the plateau about 15 kilometers east of Maros regency capital, or about 45 km north of Makassar. This is a rocky mountainous area of Maros-Pangkep.

The waterfall width is about 20 meters and height of water slides around 15 meters. A bathing place naturally made in the flow of water down. White stones spread out such a result of minerals deposition. In addition to take a bath in cool water, you can also relax in the carpet of stones.

The depth of water in the bottom of the waterfall is between five to 75 centimeters. Approximately, the range is from leg up to waist. So not only adults can bathe in that place, the children also can swim. Joke, dabble, and sink the body feel it refrigerant.

On the left side of waterfall there is a concrete stairs with about 10 meters high. You can climb the stairs to Gua Mimpi (Dream Cave) and Gua Batu (Stone Cave). Both caves are part of hundreds of prehistoric cave stored in the range of Maros-Pangkep rocky mountain.

Bantimurung Waterfall Tourism Object provides bungalows and home stay if you want to enjoy the natural beauty longer. The rates are very affordable. There are also some shops that sell food and drink. There are also souvenir sellers of preserved butterfly from the park.

To reach the Kingdom of butterfly, you can use several ways. Can use private cars or rent a car or through reservation of Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport. There is also public transportation. Trip to tourism object takes about two hours.

With private cars or rent car, you can through to Reformasi highway or Port highway, and then follow the entrance to Sutami highway, next to Maros. From Maros take the direction to Bantimurung. Also can through Perintis Kemerdekaan Road or without going to the highway.

With public transport, you can start the trip from Daya Regional Bus Station, take transportation to Maros. Get off at the Maros terminal and connect to Bantimurung.

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