Other objects that can be visited is the bathing beach Bentenan located about 100 km from Manado. Sights bathing beach has a wide stretch of coast line and length against the background of verdant scenery. In Bentenan Islands waters are rich in marine park species of ornamental fish and marine life favored by divers from around the world.

This attraction becomes one of the mainstays of tourism destinations in North Sulawesi. One advantage of this beach is a vast expanse of coastline and long. The more charming because of his background is green scenery and picturesque. In waters of Bentenan Island, there are also rich in ornamental fish species and marine life are typical. This tour is suitable locations to become a vacation spot for tourists and diving.

In Bentenan Beach is also a resort named Bentenan Resort Beach which has been known to foreign countries. Bentenan village is also one of the old village in Minahasa land known as the fabric products namely Kain Bentenan. 


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