Banten Grand Mosque is one of the mosques of the oldest in Indonesia are filled with the value of history . Every day, the mosque is visited by pilgrims who come not only from Banten and West Java , but also from various regions in Java . The mosque is recognizable from the shape of the tower that is very similar to the shape of a building lighthouses. This mosque was first built by Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (1552-1570), sultan first of the Sultanate of Banten . He was the first son of Sunan Gunung Jati .

Banten Grand Mosque is located in the village of Banten Lama, precisely in the village of Banten , about 10 km north of Serang . Access to the site can be addressed by private vehicle or public transport. From the terminal Terminal Pakupatan, Serang Banten Lama uses majors bus or chartered town car transportation to the location for about half an hour. Banten sultanate of Islam as the foundation of the kingdom’s political life as well as a symbol of identity. Great Mosque of Banten loaded with Islamic nuances that mingle with Western and Chinese culture, especially in the architecture of the building. One of the peculiarities of this mosque are visible from the roof of the main building were stacked five, like a pagoda China is also a work of Chinese architect named Tjek Ban Tjoet. Two porches were built later be complementary in the north and south side of the main building. In this mosque, the cemetery contained Banten sultans and their families. That is the tomb of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin and his wife, Sultan Agung Tirtayasa , and Sultan Abu Nasir Abdul Qohhar . While on the north side of the south porch of the tomb of Sultan Maulana Muhammad and Sultan Zainul Abidin , and others. Great Mosque of Banten also have additional pavilions located on the south side of the core building this mosque. This two-story pavilion called Tiyamah. Rectangular with a style of architecture Dutch old-fashioned, the building was designed by a Dutch architect named Hendick Lucasz Cardeel. Normally, events such as meetings and Islamic studies done here. Now the building is used as a place to store belongings heritage.

The tower that characterizes Banten mosque is located in the east of the mosque. The tower is made ​​of brick with a height of approximately 24 meters, the bottom diameter of approximately 10 meters. All Dutch news about Banten almost always mention the tower, the tower proved it always attracts the attention of visitors to the City of Banten past. To reach the end of the tower, there are 83 pieces of stairs that must ditapaki and down the hall that can only be passed by one person. The scenery around the mosque and offshore waters can be seen at the top of the tower, because the distance between the tower by the sea which is only about 1.5 km. In the past, apart from being used as a place echoed the call to prayer , the tower is also made ​​by Lucasz Cardeel Hendick was used as a weapons store.

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