Bandengan Beach

bandengan_artikel3.jpgTirto Beach Samudro or known by the general public as Bandengan Beach is located 7 km north of downtown. The beach is white sand and crystal clear water is perfect for bathing locations. not infrequently the tourists who come to this object intentionally sea bathing. Generally they are children, teenagers and the State foreign tourists. Usually when the most preferred is in the morning and at dusk the evening which will look stunning panoramic sunset.

At this location, we can relax and sit ria shelter sitting on a beach while enjoying the breeze and the air is still natural (without pollution). Area attractions that land is quite vast and largely overgrown grove of pandanus trees is indeed suitable for youth activities such as camping, beach volley, bicycles relaxed or similar activities. In addition, also in the area of tourism is often used moto cross arena game and kite festival performances both regionally, nationally and internationally. These attractions can be reached easily by public vehicles, for the already available infrastructure of roads that is paved and has no direct public transportation to the location of such attractions. While the typical foods that can be enjoyed by the visitors at these attractions are poached oysters, crab, grilled fish and pindang srani.

According to historical records, Bandengan beach was still closely linked to the life of National Hero who is also leader of women’s emancipation RA Kartini beach is an interesting place to be sweet memories for the sons and daughters of the regent of Jepara. A lively girl with answering this Sandpipers during his little trip to the beach every so often is with Royal Dutch Indies namely Mrs. Ovink Soer (resident assistant’s wife) with her husband, when the first holiday before the increase took classes RA Kartini and her sisters Roekmini and Kardinah to enjoy the beautiful beach. Kartini and her siblings to follow Mrs. Ovink Soer looking for shells while chasing the waves that reach the foot to avoid them. To Kartini asked what the name of the beach. In answer to the brief "Beach Bandengan" then Mrs. Ovink Soer say in Holland there was almost equal beaches Bandengan beach, there is little difference that the water was cold called Scheveningen. Kartini spontaneously interrupted "… .. then we will call this Bandengan beach with" Klein Scheveningen ".

Starting from the above, then till now Bandengan beach known as Klein Scheveningen (Dutch: Klein means the name of the beach and Scheveningen beach in Holland).
In addition Bandengan Beach is a place that once carved the history of RA Kartini’s ideals. On the beach’s and Mr. RA Kartini. Abendanon privately held talks related to the application to learn to Holland, although officially ahirnya petition to the Dutch government was withdrawn and the cost already provided for RA Kartini given to the youths came from Sumatra, namely Agus Salim (KH. Agus Salim alm. .)
While it is reported that Bandengan Beach attractions are still there with the legends of the origins keterkaitanya Publications. In the legend it is said that because encouraged a sense of concern about child behavior that naughty / mischievous, then ordered the son of Sunan Muria Amir Hasan went north to an island that appears "kremun-kremun" from the top of Mount Muria. This departure in order to deepen and develop the science of religion. Later designated the island was called Karimun Jawa. In the journey they arrived at the beach there is lots of paya-paya and fish appeal. Until now this place called the Village Bandengan and beach located in the village is also called Bandengan beach.

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