Bande Alit Beach located in Meru National Park Betiri. Bandealit is one of special interest tourism destinations in Betiri Meru National Park which is located in the southern part of the district of Jember. This beach is located south of the town of Jember, about 35 Km from the city center. Bandealit beach is located adjacent to the Sukamade Beach and has calm waves and combined with the natural beauty of green. One potential interest are natural and clean beaches. In addition, there are many exciting potential to be enjoyed. Bandealit coast offers breathtaking views and a beautiful place to visit. Although it has calm waves, on the beach, visitors can do water sports activities such as windsurfing, fishing and swimming are also not left behind. Because the beach is a cove Bandealit many will fish, the fishing in these attractions would be fun to do when his leisure. Tourist attractions that can be enjoyed include Timor deer breeding plots. Right in front of the cage Timor deer are green house orchid. Many orchid collection in Meru National Park Betiri exhibited in this green house. For orchid lovers will surely love this place, because many rare orchids that are not found elsewhere here. Other attractions that can be visited is Mount Sodung, where visitors can do turung cliff with a height of 100 M.

Bandealit east coast there are a wide river estuary resembles a lake. Mouth of the river (lake) is covered with mangrove vegetation with a predominance of type Pedada (Sonneratia caseolaris). On the edge of the estuary is standing cottage. The inn’s location in Bandealit is quite interesting because it overlooks the mangrove forest and is located above the lake Bandealit. Although close to the beach but the water at this bargain because it was taken from mountain springs. In the eastern part of the river estuary visitors can perform activities birdwatching, canoeing or down the river by speedboat. Bandealit river estuary conditions is quite strange, because only in the dry season a lot of water and pooled into the lake, but in the rainy season it can not dry the water for canoeing and speedboat.

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