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Baloy house is the home of the famous  indigenous people of North Borneo. This custom home building shape looks more modern and fashionable because of the development of architecture Dayak longhouse (House Lamin) produced by the Society Tidung which is nothing but a tribe in North Borneo. Like other tribes, Tidung has a culture and customs house model itself. Baloy houses built facing north, while the south-facing main door. Baloy traditional house made of ironwood base. There are four main room in the house Baloy commonly called Ambir, namely:

1. Ambir Left Hook tool or as a place to receive complaints of indigenous issues as well as others judge actions.
2. Lamin Bantong or Middle Ambir as a result of termination custom case hearing traditional leaders.
3. Right Ambir kemagot caterpillars or as a place of rest or at peace after the completion of the customary court.
4. Lamin Dalom as the seat of the Chief of the Adat Dayak Tidung.

While on the back of the house Baloy, created a building in the middle of the pond called Lubung Kilong. This building is a place to display art Tidung, such as dance Jepen. There is another section of the building behind the house Lubung Kilong big as the inauguration events and community meetings. This building is called Lubung Intamu.

Tidung tribe is a tribe that inhabited the northern region of North Borneo spread in Bulungan, Tarakan, Malinau, Berau, Nunukan, Tana Tidung to Sabah in Malaysia. These tribes are all converted to Islam and develop Islamic empire that is categorized as clumps of native Malays, although there may be perkerabatan the Dayak tribe in Sabah Murut. Even Tidung kingdom itself has existed since the year 1076 AD and is domiciled in Tarakan, North Kalimantan.  Indigenous Baloy is made of ironwood or ironwood which are found in Kalimantan. Shaped building houses on stilts with a carving yangmempunyai resemblance to sculpture Dayak. The coastal parts of Kalimantan prevalent form of houses on stilts, as usual erected near the beach or swamp areas. Tidung itself including marine cultured tribe so do not be surprised if there are boats in homes Tidung for transportation.

Indigenous Baloy Tidoeng itself lies approximately one kilometer from the airport Djuwata Tarakan. The absence of a direction toward Baloy is difficult Indigenous tourists who want to travel to Baloy, because it is located outside the city itself towards Tarakan. Indigenous Baloy Baloy Mayo Tidoeng or Djamaloel Qiram was built in 2004 in an area of ​​2.5 hectares and serves as a venue for activities Tribe Tidung as well as a leisure travel destination.

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