Balla Lompoa is a reconstruction of the place of Gowa Kingdom in the past which was founded in the reign of King of Gowa 31-Daeng Mangngi Mangngi know Matutu on 1936 and now a museum Gowa.The museum is located in the Sultan Hasanuddin 48 Sungguminasa,Somba Opu,Gowa Regency,South Sulawesi can bereached by public or private vehicles at adistance of approximately 30 km from the International Airport Sultan Hasaanuddin Makassar,we were treated by the typical architecture of Bugis Makassar,the house on stilts with a ladder more than 2 meters tall to fit into the patio space. Now, the building is made of ironwood. This serves as a repository collection of objects Gowa Kingdom.

Balla Lompoa Museum is a house on stilts from the palace of Gowa Kingdom which was founded in the reign of King of Gowa-31, I-mangngi Mangngi Matutu Daeng, in 1936. The building stands firmly between the roar of the city Sungguminasa, Gowa-district neighbors in the south of Makassar. Seventy years is not a short time for all the history he has witnessed. In the language of Makassar, Balla Lompoa means a big house or house of greatness. The architecture of the museum is shaped typical Bugis houses, ie houses on stilts, with a ladder as high as more than two feet to get into the patio space. The entire building is made of ironwood or ironwood. The building is located in a one-hectare complex is bordered by high concrete wall. The majority of buildings are made of ironwood is now a museum which became the collection of objects Kingdom of Gowa. While visiting the museum some time ago, I saw things traditional and ancient manuscripts displayed in glass cases.

Building the museum is divided into two parts, the main hall area of ??60 x 40 meters and a terrace room (reception area) covering 40 x 4.5 meters. Inside the main room there are three chambers, namely: the king’s chamber as private rooms, cubicles where the historic objects, and the royal chamber. All three chambers are each measuring 6 x 5 meters. Museum building is also equipped with lots of windows (which are the hallmark of Bugis houses), each measuring 0.5 x 0.5 meters.

This museum serves as a place to store a collection of objects Kingdom of Gowa. Historic objects on display based on the general function of each room in the museum building. At the front of the main building, a map of Indonesia displayed on the right side of the wall. In the main room displayed a family tree starting from the King of the Kingdom of Gowa Gowa I, Tomanurunga in the 13th century, until the last king of Gowa Aididdin Sultan Abdulkadir A. Moch Idjo Karaeng Lalongan (1947-1957). In the main room, there is a place on the throne in a special area in the middle of the room. Some of the tools of war, such as spears and ancient cannons, as well as a lalong sipue umbrella (umbrella that is used when the king’s inauguration) are also displayed in this room.

Museum Balla Lompoa save valuable collection of objects that are not only valuable because of its historic value, but also because the material of manufacture of gold or other precious stones. In this museum there are about 140 royal collection of objects of high value, such as crowns, bracelets, buttons, necklaces, a dagger and other objects are generally made of pure gold and decorated with diamonds, ruby ??stones, and gems. Among these collections, have an average weight of 700 grams, even up to or more than 1 kilogram. In the king’s personal space, there is a cone-shaped crown royal lotus flower (five strands of sepals) weighs 1768 grams which is sprinkled with 250 diamonds gems. In this museum there is also a tatarapang, the dagger of gold weighing 986.5 grams, with a shelf 51 cm and width 13 cm, which was a gift from the Kingdom of Demak. In addition to these precious jewels, there is still a collection of historic objects, such as: 10 pieces of the spear, 7 pieces lontara manuscript, and 2 books of Quran hand-written in 1848.


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