Baliem Valley – Papua

Another remarkable custom of Dani is that women will amputate their finger when their relatives die, hence don’t be surprised when you see women with missing finger.

To enhance the quality of your experience in Baliem Valley, a guide is essential since there are no clear maps or signage initiated for visitor. The guide will help to lead the track, communicate with the local people and in advance. The guide will also inform you about local dos and don’ts.

Getting There

Flying might be the only way  to access the Baliem Valley through Wamena. Here are some alternatives on carrier from Jayapura to Wamena: (For further info, ask the officers at Sentani Airport Information Center). Trigana Air Services provide daily flights into and out of Wamena. Spot the Trigana Air Service Offices at Sentani Airport terminal and Wamena Airport terminal.




Manunggal Air

Hercules carrier provide by Indonesian army (TNI)

To access Baliem Valley, you can rent car or public bus from Wamena.

Getting Around

Would you mind if we say ON FOOT? Through trekking, you can witness traditional ceremonies, traditional markets and the people of Dani. There is no restaurant inside the Baliem- Valley, a guide could bargain the Dani people to provide simple meals. Its stoutly advised, that the visitor bring their own meals and snack during the trekking. Meals and snacks can be found in grocery store at Wamena.

To Do

The captivating Baliem Fiesta/Festival is held on August around 10 – 17 August every year. The festival performs traditional dances, pig races, ancestral fighting and races. Today, Baliem Fiesta is one of the main reasons why tourists visit Papua. Its a magical Fiesta says most of the tourist.

Try visiting the large and busy local market at Sinatma, or spotting mummies at Kurulu Village.

To Stay

For those who are adventurer and cultural observer in heart, stay and mingle with the Baliem Valley people is possible, just make sure your guide booked it before your visit. Go show? Affordable. If the first alternative is way too extreme, you can stay at hotels at Wamena:

* Wamena Hotel at Jl. Homhom 61
* Srikandi Hotel at Jl. Irian 16
* Pondok Wisata Putri Dani at Jl. Irian 40
* Nayak Hotel at Jl. Gatot Subroto 63
* Hotel Syah Rial Makmur at Jl. Gatot Subroto 45
* Hotel Anggrek at Jalan Ambon 1
* Baliem Pilamo Hotel at Jalan Trikora
* Baliem Valley Resort (3 star resort),

To Buy

Souvenirs can be easily found on the valley as you can buy the crafts directly from the Dani people.

* Stone blade is a major favorite among visitors
* Sekan: rattan bracelate
* Noken: made from trees bark
* Head and arm necklace
* Jogal: grass skirt
* And other head decorations


Guide is needed to explore the valley

Dont forget to bring the copy of your Surat Keterangan Jalan

Best time to visit is between March and August

If you travel during the rainy season, be prepared with cold weather equipment

Ask your guide about Dos and Donts in the Baliem Valley

Foreigner must obtain a travel permit letter or known as Surat Keterangan Jalan to get the access into the interior part of Papua. You can obtain the Surat Keterangan Jalan at main town police station such as Jayapura, Merauka, Timika, Biak, Nabire, Monokwari and other main city. The permit of lasts will depend on your request, from 1 week until 1 month or even longer. Please prepare copies of your passport, recent photograph and list of places you wish to visit. Its easy to get the Surat Keterangan Jalan, because the officers are friendly and helpful.

You can ask your travel agent to arrange the Surat Keterangan Jalan.

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