Bali Optional Tours

Art & Volcano Tour
Approx. 8 hrs – Start at 08.15 AM – Min 2 persons
A colourful day to get you closer to different aspects of Balinese culture, such as ; traditional dances, handicraft villages, dramatic scenery of terraced rice fields, holy spring temple set in verdant valley, Balinese cuisine, and spectacular view of Mount Batur and its lake.

Stops will be made at:
Batubulan (to witness the performance of Barong and Kris dance, symbolizing the eternal fight of good and evil), Celuk (the village of silver and goldsmiths famous for its intricate pattern made by old age traditional techniques), Mas (the centre of fine woodcarvings. Techniques are learned inside the family, passed from father to sons), Ubud (the colony of painters of different styles, whose themes taken from legends, mythologies and scenes of daily life), Tegalalang (the dramatic scenery of terraced rice fields), Sebatu (the holy spring temple of Gunung Kawi, set in lush verdant valley).
The highlight of this tour is Kintamani, a mountain village at 1400 meters above sea level overlooking the breathtaking view of the still active Mount Batur and its lake.


Mother Temple Tour
Approx. 9 hours – Start at 08.15 AM – Min 2 persons.
This tour will take you to places that have played prominent roles during long Balinese history and also a pilgrimage to Bali’s holiest temple of Besakih, perched high on the slope of Mount Agung. This is mother of more than 300.000 temples of Bali. We will see such astonishing beauty of the island’s countryside a long the way to get there.

Stops will be made at:
Goa Gajah (archaeological remains from XI century, also called Elephant Cave, formerly Hindu-Buddhist hermitage), Klungkung (the ancient Balinese Capital 1710-1908, with its court of justice (Kertagosa) and the floating pavilion (Bale Kambang) with best examples of classical Balinese painting on its murals), Besakih (the most sacred and the biggest of all temples of Bali lies on the slope of Mount Agung, the highest peak of the island) and Bukit Jambul (crested hill) with nice view of the terraced rice fields, Indian Ocean and Nusa Penida Island.


The Magic Of Bali Circuit
Approx. 11 hours – Start at 08.00 AM – Min 2 persons.
This tour features the highlight of NB-BP01 and NB-BP02.

Visiting :
Celuk (noted for its gold and silver works), Batubulan (famous for its stone carvings and its traditional Barong and Kris Dance), Mas (the village of fine woodcarving), Klungkung (ancient court centre with best examples of classical Paintings), Bukit Jambul (a hillside with nice view of rice fields), Besakih (the biggest and holiest of all Balinese temples), Kintamani (a mountain village with breathtaking view to Mount Batur and its lake), Sebatu (the holy spring temple set in lush verdant valley), Tegalalang (with dramatic scenery of terraced rice fields), Ubud (the painter’s village) and Goa Gajah (a Hindu-Buddhist hermitage from XI century).


The Wonder of East Bali
Approx. 9 hours – Start at 08.15 AM – Min 2 persons.
This trip features some of the most interesting sights, traditions, and history of Bali from pre-Hindu times to the present day.

We will show you the following places:
Kusamba (the traditional salt maker and fishing village, famous for its typical outriggers – jukung – with gajahmina – Elephant headed fish – form to scare away evil spirits), Goa Lawah (the famous Bat Cave; whose walls literally vibrate with thousands of bats), Tenganan (one of the most conservative Bali Aga Village, aboriginal Balinese; with centuries years old traditions well preserved to the present day), Puri Karang Asem (the former palace of the King of Karang Asem; the most powerful kingdom in Bali-Lombok during XVII – XX century), Tirtagangga (the former resting place for royal family of Karangasem with fresh pools fed by natural springs).

The Peaceful Country Side Route
Approx. 8 hours – Start at 08.00 AM – Min 2 persons.
In this tour we will take you to Gianyar and Bangli region, famous for its peaceful villages set in fascinating nature. A beautiful waterfall, terraced rice fields, traditional houses and ancient temples are features of this rewarding trip.
Stops will be made at the following places:
Tegenungan (waterfalls set in lush country side), Pura Kehen (the state temple of Bangli Kingdom dated from the XI century, dedicated to the God of fire – Kehen = Kuren = Stove), Panglipuran (a former resting place of Balinese Kings, this peaceful village has traditional Balinese houses and temples. You can take a walk to explore this beautiful village), Pura Bukit Jati (with superb view of the surrounding villages) and Pura Gunung Lebah (situated on the confluence of two rivers, a sacred place for the Balinese, Pura Gunung Lebah was the place of meditation and spiritual retreat dated from the XI century).

The Antiquities of Bali
Approx. 8 hours – Start at 08.00 AM – Min 2 persons.
For those interested in the history and archaeology of Bali. We will set the time clock back to the X and XI century when Warmadewa dynasty ruled over the island. Their Kings have built most of Balinese archaeological remains, such as holy spring temples, royal tomb and state temple with an old drum.

In this trip we will see:
Pura Tirta Empul (the holy spring temple built by King Candra Baya Singha Warmadewa in the year of 962 AD. The holy water of this temple is believed to posses curative power for all physical and spiritual diseases), Gunung Kawi Royal Tomb (dated from XI century, this place is an old commemorative burial shrines for King Udayana, Queen Mahendradata, their three sons: Udayana, Marakata, and Anak Wungsu, four royal concubines and the royal prime minister. They were cut from solid rock on the banks of Pakrisan River), Pura Penataran Sasih (houses the biggest single cast drum in the world, dated from 300 BC. In old time it was used to announce wars and to call for rain), Pura Kebo Edan (houses a 3 meters ancient statue of dancing Shiva as remains of Tantric Buddhism sect, dated from XIII century) and Yeh Pulu Reliefs (dated from XI century, this mysterious carving depict scenes of daily life).
The Route of Stunning Sunset
Approx. 5 hours – Start at 14.30 AM – Min 2 persons.
This route is one of the most classic one. Featuring different state temples with water garden temple, monkey forest temple and the temple of Tanah Lot.

Stops will be made at the following places:
Mengwi (the Royal Temple of Taman Ayun, built in 1634 AD as the state temple of Mengwi, surrounded by beautiful moat, symbolizing the ocean of milk – Ksirarnawa – where the Gods get the elixir of life – amerta), Alas Kedaton (home of fruit bats and tame monkeys. Living close to a sacred enclosure, those animals are considered sacred). The highlight of the tour is Tanah Lot, a marine temple built on a promontory offshore, famous for its stunning sunset (weather permits). Perhaps this is the most famous landmark of Bali which appears in every brochure.

The Exotic Spices, Fruits and Flowers
Approx. 7 hours – Start at 09.00 AM – Min 2 persons
This tour features the most charming nature of Bali such as exotic spices, fruits, vegetables and flowers, set in a colourful and cool mountainous area of Bedugul.

Stops will be made at:
Candi Kuning village market (displays local products such as: local fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices), Bali’s botanical garden (a 159 hectares lawn covered garden with different kinds of trees, flowers, plants, cacti and orchids from all over the world. A favourite place for stroll and picnic for local people), Pura Ulun Danu Beratan (a holy temple dedicated to Dewi Danu, the Goddess of the lake, built on a promontory in the lake’s shore) and Pacung (a mountain resort with nice setting of fabulous terraced rice fields).

Romantic Tour of Bedugul to Tanah Lot
Approx. 10 hours – Start at 10.00 AM – Min 2 persons.
This tour combines the highlights of the exotic spices, fruits and flowers and also the stunning Sunset tour.

Visiting on the way:
Mengwi (the royal temple of Taman Ayun), Candi Kuning village market with displays of fruits, flowers, vegetables and spices, Bedugul (Bali’s botanical garden, a 159 hectares garden with different kind of plants, trees, flowers, and cacti from all over the word), Pura Ulun Danu (the lake Goddess temple on the lake’s shore), Pacung (a mountain village with backdrops of rice fields and mountains), Alas Kedaton (a sacred forest of monkeys and fruit bats) and Tanah Lot, a marine temple for Baruna, God of the sea.
Fascinating North Bali Tour
Approx. 10 hours – Start at 08.00 AM – Min 2 persons.
We will see endless spectacular views of rice terraces as well as large plantations of coffee, cacao and cloves, while vineyards and tobaccos are planted mostly in north coast villages. Brief stops will be made at tranquil black sandy beach of north Bali before visiting the colonial capital of Bali with its baroque style temples, and its refreshing water falls.

Stops will be made at:
Antosari, Belimbing and Pupuan with endless picturesque view of rice terraces a long the road, Lovina (a charming black sandy beach of north Bali of volcanic origin), Singaraja (Balinese colonial capital – 1849-1955. North Bali was conquered by the Dutch 60 year prior to south Bali conquest. Since its long year contact to outside world, Singaraja has always been a leader in fashion and art), Sangsit (Beji temple, dedicated to rice Goddess, Dewi Sri, it is one of the most enchanting examples of Baroque north Bali style with every space available heavily carved), Pure Meduwe Karang at Kubu Tambahan (another fine example of north Bali style) and Gitgit (a beautiful waterfalls set in a lush verdant valley).

On The Slope of Mount Batukaru
Approx. 10 hours – Start at 08.00 AM – Min 2 persons.
You will discover lots of the most beautiful sights of Bali with its endless terraced rice fields a long the road, its traditional houses and rice barns, plantations of cloves and coffee and ancient temples.

The tour features the following places:
Jatiluwih (literally means truly marvellous – have astonishing scenery of terraced rice fields which extends as far as the south sea), Batukaru temple (a most covered temple with multi-tiered roof dedicated to forefathers of the Tabanan royal family and the God of mount Batukaru), Pura Sadha at Kapal (one of few remaining temples with Prasadha – towering shrines – dated from XI century.

Denpasar City Tour
Approx. 4 hours – Start at 09.00 AM – Min 2 persons.
Denpasar is a bustling cosmopolitan city that provides health services, business opportunities, educations and government services for the whole island. It is the biggest city of Bali with 400.000 souls.

This half day trip features the sounds and sights of Denpasar, such as:
Colourful Traditional Morning Market, where people get their daily needs. Products sold here range from fresh fishes and meats, vegetables, fruits, offerings, incenses, spices, to Balinese ritual utensils, garment products and handicrafts.
City centre and the Museum of Bali, with its Catur Muka Statue, Puputan (mass suicide) monument, Jagatnatha (King of the Universe) temple and the museum of Bali. The museum displays a large collection from archaeological remains to ritual objects, from paintings, woodcarving, masks, leather puppets and textiles and other utensils used in daily life of Balinese. Werdhi Budaya (Art Centre), the place where Bali Arts Festival is held every year in order to maintain and enrich the culture of Bali and permanent exhibition on Art & Culture of Bali is displayed.

Monkey and Fire Dance
Approx 3 hours – Start at 17.30 PM –Min 2 persons.
This fascinating dance also called Kecak Dance depicts the story of Ramayana (Hindu version of Romeo and Juliet), but happy ended.
Performed after sunset by a choir of over 100 men sitting in circle around a large torch, the swaying and bizarre movement of their bodies and the stretching of their hands make it as an incomparable living theatre with a very dramatic effect.
Fire dance is performed by a man riding a wooden horse. While in trance he will danceover a bonfire made of coconut husks without getting hurt.

Uluwatu and Kuta
Approx 4 hours – Start at 17.00 AM – Min 2 persons.
This afternoon trip will take you to South Bali’s most famous landmarks. Stunning sunset and paradise of shopping are features of this tour.

We will visit:
One of the most impressive temples of Bali, Uluwatu Temple, built on the edge of cliff on south coast, over 100 meters above sea level. The view to Indian Ocean is really impressive from here specially for watching sunsets.
Then we proceed to Kuta, the paradise of shoppers with its traditional markets, modern shopping centres, endless pubs and restaurants set in a nice white sandy beach with big pounding waves of Indian Ocean.

Wild West Circuit
Approx. 10 hours. Min 2 persons.
We will take you to westernmost region of Bali, off the beaten track circuit with its deserted beaches, wonderful nature, large coconut plantations and vast West Bali National Park. This park is considered to be the last home of Balinese tiger and one of the rarest birds in the world, Rothschild’s Mynah. Wild boars, panthers, wild buffaloes, deer, jungle cocks and various species of monkeys prowl its virgin forests.

On the way to get there, stops will be made at:
Puri Anyar Kerambitan (the place of the prince – to give us the opportunity to observe the architecture and daily life of princely families), Rambut Siwi (an edge’s cliff temple on west deserted beaches. A holy relic of Nirartha, the holy priest of XV century is kept in this temple), Palasari (the village of Catholic Balinese, famous for its church built in gothic-balinese styles. We also visit a man made lake built for agricultural purposes), Teluk Terima (supposed to be the burial place of the enamoured couple Jayaprana and Layonsari famous for their eternal love) and Pulaki (a holy temple believed to be the legendary origin of the invisible ones, punished to get invisibility due to their faults. This temple also has a small colony of monkeys).

Bali Aga Circuit
Approx. 8 hours – Min 2 persons.
On this tour you will visit several place’s around Kintamani, where reside the ‘original Balinese’ or ‘Bali Aga’. To this day retain a social order aligned with prehistoric traditions.

Features of this tour are:
Pura Tegeh Koripan (Puncak Penulisan – the highest temple of Bali (1745 m) the mountain sanctuary of old Pejeng Kingdom, dated from XI Century), Pura Ulun Danu Batur (once lay at the volcano’s foot, at present the temple is home of 285 shrine honouring lake Goddess. The ritual in this temple is closely linked with the agricultural purposes to assure the constant flow of water to the rice-fields), Trunyan (culturally different from the rest of Bali, the people do not practice cremation. The dead are placed on the cemetery ground and allowed to disintegrate by natural process, surprisingly without bad smelling of decomposition) and Fruit trees plantations, where you are allowed to observe from a close distance various tropical fruits of Bali, such as: orange, tangerine, pommel, jackfruit, sugar palm, pineapple, avocado, clove, coffee, durian, etc.

Batur Climbing
Start: 02.00 AM Duration 11 hours – Min 2 persons – Included Breakfast.
This soft trekking program is designed to experience the magic of famous Batur volcano and to see the spectacular sunrise from the top, where having your simple breakfast.

Depart hotel to Penelokan area at 02.00 am, then we will start climbing around 04.00 am. Firstly we will take you to the oldest crater (1917 eruption) where we have a superb view of red sky at sunrise around 06.00 am. After walking around the rim of the old crater, we proceed to the second crater (1926 eruption) and to the third crater (last eruption in 1963) then to the fourth crater (eruption in 1974 and 1994). Here you can prepare your own breakfast by steaming your eggs at the top. On the way back, we will go through black sand and hard rock (originally lava flow). The trip end at natural hot spring pool, also of volcanic origin, where you can relax.

White Water Rafting
Daily – Lunch included
MORNING : Start: 08.45 AM, Duration 5 hours
AFTERNOON : Start: 13.15 PM, Duration 5 hours

What to bring:
Sport or river shoes, a change of clothes, camera, T-shirt, shorts or swimming costume.
Rafting is one of the best ways to experience the marvellous nature of Bali. We will take you to the mountain village of Begawan where you will be supplied with all equipment’s before walking down to the spectacular river of Ayung. It’s an unforgettable journey thru lush jungle scenery in a peaceful surrounding.
We will raft the river during approximately 2 hours trip experiencing the excitements of 25 class II and III rapids. Exotic birds, monkeys, waterfalls, giant ferns, wild banana and wild sugar palms are among typical scenery along the river that you will see as well as Balinese village life.

Bounty Day Cruise
Lunch Included – Start: 08.00 AM – Duration approx 9 hours

Join our cruise for a full day of water activities – above and below the sea – on our 48 meter pontoon located in the beautiful, crystal clear waters of Shanghiang Bay on Nusa Lembongan Island. The most fun you can have in one day.

9:00     Depart from Benoa Harbour to Nusa Lembongan
10:00    Arrival at Pontoon Nusa Lembongan
10:15   Group I  – Transfer to Village Tour or Beach Club
             Group II – Pontoon Water Activities
11:30   Lunch Time – including Trio Singer Live Band
13:00   Group I  – Pontoon Water Activities
             Group II – Transfer to Village Tour or Beach Club
15:00   Depart from Pontoon to Benoa Harbour
16:00   Arrival at Benoa Harbour

Facilities aboard our 48 meter Pontoon:
-Showers and Toilets
-Change Rooms
-Towel Rental

Cruise Includes:
-Return transfer hotel – harbour – hotel (Nusa Dua, Kuta, Sanur areas only)
-Morning and Afternoon Tea with snacks
-International buffet lunch
-Video entertainment aboard boat
-Live entertainment by Trio Batakos Singers
-A Semi Submersible Submarine
-Under water viewing chamber
-44 meter water slide
-Unlimited banana boat rides
-Snorkeling equipment
-Glass bottom boat rides
-Village tour or access to Day Center at Nusa Lembongan

What to bring:
-Swimming costume
-Sunscreen and Sunhat
-Money for drinks, optional activities and souvenirs

Aristocat the Luxury Sailing Catamaran
Lunch Included – Start: 08.00 AM – Duration approx 10 hours

What to bring :
Sunscreen, swimming costume, towel, camera and hat.
The same program with the previous Beach Club Cruise but instead of cruise on large Catamaran, we will sail to pristine beaches of Lembongan aboard luxury sailing Catamaran with maximum capacity of 50 people

Pearl Evening Cruise
Dinner Included – Start: 07.00 PM – Duration approx 2,5 hours.
Not suitable for children under 8 yo

What to bring :
camera and money or credit card for drinks and souvenirs.
Enjoy a sophisticated Evening Cruise aboard Sailing Catamaran Aristocat. After a champagne cocktail in the garden, be welcomed onboard to the sounds of a string quarter for an evening of fine dining, musical entertainment and an introduction to the timeless beauty and wonder of pearls.

Lunch Included – Start: 08.00 AM – Duration approx 9 hours

What to bring :
swimming costume, sunscreen, sun hat, camera, money for optional activities and souvenirs
SailSensations catamaran sets sail from Benoa Harbour for an exotic day to Lembongan Island. On board, a light breakfast of freshly baked Danishes, croissants, breads, Balinese jajanan, tropical fruits, tea, coffee, water, juice or soft drinks will be served. During the journey you may participate in the operation of the vessel or simply relax in the sun chairs on the front deck, or in the serenity of the cabin.
From sailSensations transport is by tender over clean waters to Sanghiang Bay and the ‘Anchorage’, our facility terraced above the white sandy beach. The turquoise-coloured water entices you to swim, kayak, and reef explore by snorkelling or go on a glass-bottomed boat trip. A scenic tour to see the truly unique village life and mangroves. In the pavilion-Anchorage the freshly prepared buffet lunch with seafood and meats barbequed or in satays, salads, pastas vegetables, accompanied by free-flow beer, soft drinks and imported wines – is the best around the island.

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