Fuel Barge Festival (Festival Bakar Tongkang) is the largest annual event in Riau. The festival is carried out by the Chinese community in Riau to mark the presence of the Chinese community to the ground Bagansiapiapi 1820. Fuel Barge ceremony is a traditional ceremony of china people residing in the capital city that is Bagansiapiapi Rokan Hilir district. Burning barge signifies their determination not to return to ancestral land and develop themselves in Bagansiapiapi. This ritual has been held in the City of Fish (Bagansiapiapi) since 1878, or has been going on since 134 years ago. In the New Order era was banned but then switched back in the era of Gus Dur.

The ceremony is also called Go Ge Cap Lak which means 15 and 16 months 5 lunar calendar, however Go Ge Cap Lak better known as the designation ceremony Fuel Barge. This event is a ceremony of worship of the gods Kie and Tai Sun Ong Ong Ya Ya are considered to have contributed to maintaining the safety of the group of people who find Bagansiapiapi china. Originally Fuel Barge ceremony will be held on 3 to 5 June or mid-june in Bagan Siapiapi, Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau Province. The event was marked by prayer in Ing Hok Kiong temple which is the oldest temple there and continued with the procession march to the kiln the next day. The procession usually accompanied by tens of thousands of people holding incense, dozens of medium, and marching bands from schools in Bagansiapiapi representative.

According to the stories of the local people, groups of Chinese immigrants sailed to seek new areas with a number of boats, which finally found Bagansiapiapi. It was here then they agreed to settle. As a sign of gratitude to the gods Kie Ong Ya and Tai Sun Ong Ya, Chinese people residing in Bagansiapiapi burn replica ship annually. And is then known as the Ceremony Fuel Barge.

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