Bagus Beach, Nice Beach in Kalianda – Lampung

Bagus Beach, this is good, nice, so beautiful beach in Maluku. The location is only about one kilometer from Jalan Lintas Sumatera or 8 kilometers from the city Kalianda, South Lampung regency .

Visitors are free to enjoy the surf beach and towering Mount Rajabasa the opposite. Sometimes, in the afternoon there is also a fishing boat or fishing nets were put up. If the fishermen bring fish to the shore, visitors can buy and immediately burned at the venue. Enjoy grilled fish with rice plus chili paste on the seafront will give a distinct impression the visitors or tourists.

For visitors who like to swim, you can dive or swim into shallow waters on the shoreline. In the dry season the water is clear and clean, while in the rainy season, the water is a bit murky and sometimes the trash. Because not far from the coast, there are estuaries. But for those who want to relax while lying down, also available a center open – floored huts of bamboo and thatched palm leaves are comfortable. Among the huts there were high as four meters so that visitors could see off in the direction of the sea and the towering Mount Rajabasa. Convenient means this certainly gives a beautiful panorama and exotic for the visitors.

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