Ayer Island, Jakarta

Island is one cluster of islands located in the Thousand Islands. Administratively included in the Thousand Islands district of Jakarta province, Indonesia. Pulau Ayer is known as the Pearl Islands. The extent is less than ten acres, situated near to the Marina Beach, Ancol.

In ancient times, this island was the private recreational retreat of the former kings of the Thousand Island. The island was welcoming visitors since 1950. Even during his lifetime, former President Sukarno made Pulau Ayer as a resting place. Former President Sukarno had also invited former President Tito of Yugoslavia and former Secretary General of the United Nations, UN, visited this island.

On this island cottages are also available which is located on the coast, fishing facilities at night, jet skiing and banana boat. This island is one of the islands in the Thousand Islands that have a source of fresh water.

Source : www.indonesia-tourism.com


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