Attractions: Cave Tiangko

Attractions: Cave located in the district Tiangko manau River. You can go into any cave with a guide who also guard the cave. For we must bring into the light, or at least a flashlight because there is no light inside the cave entrance. Tiangko Cave, located in the Village Tiangko which has an area 206 m 2 and 4 m wide mouth front and the back reaches 11.5 m. cave floor consists of white sand with rocky ceiling decorated nest swiftlets and bats hanging. Besides the beauty of this cave is a decorative stone structure consisting of a capillary-shaped stalactite and stalagmite with amazing ornate nature. The walls of the cave was cool, comfortable with a distinctive smell because it is free from pollution. For those who want recreation and enter the cave must be prepared mentally as it will climb the Mount of the Moon Stone in the woods as far as an hour away. Tiangko cave west side that has been widely recognized, there is a larger group of caves is cave Sengayau formed from the composition of limestone stalagmite and stalactite has a wonderful natural ornaments.
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