Raharjo Pugung Archaeological park is located in the heritage village of Pugung Raharjo, District Udik compatriot, East Lampung. The archaeological site of 30 hectares is a relic of Hindu and Buddhist. In this ancient park, there berundak punden, Arca, Inscriptions, Stone or Stone Enclosure body, Altar Stone, Stone perforated, Castle Ditch along the 1.2 kilometer Primitive, and Dolmen. In addition, some relics of the Han dynasty ceramics, Sung, and Ming can still be found in this ancient park. To achieve Pugung Raharjo Archaeological Park, you have to travel 52 kilometers to the east of the city of Bandar Lampung. During the trip, you can enjoy views of the vast rubber plantations.

Raharjo Pugung Archaeological park is located in a flat area 80 meters altitude and is surrounded by levee legacy of ancient warfare. In addition, the thick trees to make the atmosphere around this ancient garden more comfortable. You can get around by walking through the path that will lead you to look at various prehistoric sites. In addition, you can enjoy the cool pool of water from springs on the east Pugung Raharjo Archaeological Park. It is said that if you bathe in the pond, you will stay young.

In 1957, Raharjo Pugung Archeological Park was first discovered by people accidentally. In the past, the archaeological site of Archeological Park Pugung Raharjo not populated. At first people thought the forest was haunted. Until finally in 1954, the transmigrants Pugung open forest to be settlements. At that time, the migrants found a large stone structure, square-shaped mound of earth and stone statues of Princess Badhariah. The discovery of historic sites were then reported to the Department of Antiquities Jakarta. In 1968 conducted the initial research which concluded that Pugung Archaeological Park is a relic of megalithic Raharjo-classical.

Archaeological park Pugung Raharjo be quite unique because semcam archaeological site is rarely found elsewhere. In the Garden of Antiquities Pugung Raharjo, you can find the tools used by ancient humans in the form of large boulders. You can see the upright stone or Menhir, Dolmen a table or a stone, and grave stones which were used by prehistoric man as a place of worship, a place of deliberation, and place of burial. In addition, cultural heritage objects Buddhism and Hinduism can be found in the Archaeological Park Pugung Raharjo, among other ceramics from the Han Dynasty, Sung, and Ming, and a statue of Polynesia is thought to date from the 6th century until the 15th century.

In the Garden of Antiquities Pugung Raharjo, there are two forts, one in the east and one west. The second fort was a circular mound-shaped mound with a height of 2 to 3.5 meters and on the outside there is a 3-5 meter deep ditch. East of the fort has a length of about 1,200 meters, while the castle west of only 300 meters away. In some sections there is a road that connects the inside and the outside of the fort. It is said that the fort was used as a protection from enemies and wild animals.

Archaeological Parks in the area Pugung Raharjo also contained 13 pieces punden terraces, the large size and small in size. Originally punden this staircase looks like thatch-covered mound, but after cleaning it in the form of a terraced patio. Punden staircase is there that has a two-and three-level, it is said that according to social status at that time. Stone bodies found in the Archaeological Park Pugung Raharjo has a length of 205 cm and 40 cm diameter. Stone bodies embedded in the middle of another stone circle in a square shape. The stones that encircle it, among others, the altar stone, menhir menhir-small, and only scratched the slab shaped like the letter “T” on both sides.

You can also find a stone with a hole the number and location of the hole is irregular. Stone with a hole which is located near the fountain, made of black stone gray. On the surface there are 4 holes large enough. The total number of stone with a hole that is 19 pieces. Besides rock cavities, Raharjo Pugung Archeological Park you will also find a stone mortar. Stone with a hole has two types, one stone was shaped like those found on the edge of time next to the pool and the other rectangular shaped stones. There are also four stone scratched allegedly used as a tool to sharpen the weapons.


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