Apparalang Beach, Bulukamba – South Sulawesi

Apparalang beach, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This beach one of the most beautiful places in Bulukumba. This beach was behind the rock cliffs. The beauty of the cliff top will show of beauty blend between the blue water, coral reefs between the sea and towering rock walls will make a beauty. So many domestic tourists who visit this place, with the characteristic beautiful pier and cliffs that are so extreme an attraction for tourists. 

Apparalang beach is located in Ara village, Bontobahari, Bulukamba regency of South Sulawesi.
Access to get there for about 20 minutes by motorcycle or car from Tanjung Bira beach or 60 minutes from the centre of Bulukamba. This beach has distance approximately 200 kilometers from Makassar.

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