Angke Mosque

angke_mosque.jpgThe Angke Mosque is in West Jakarta and is easily reached by minibus from Fatahillah Square or the Kota railway station. It is the only mosque in Jakarta that has remained unaltered since it was built. Its roof is on two levels, the typical Javanese style for roofs of places of worship. In 1856 Prince Syarif Hamid, a Sultan from Pontianak was captured by the Dutch and held at Manggadua. When he died he was buried in front of the mosque on July 17, 1858. People from Pontianak often visit his grave and many of them have decided to stay at Angke. Many Chinese in this area are devout Moslems. Many tombstones near the mosque bear Chinese as well as Arabic inscriptions. But the oldest tombstones show Islamic Banten and Aceh origins.

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