Angke Mangrove Natural Park, Kapuk – Jakarta

Mangrove Natural Tourism Park is one of tourism destinations which has nature theme in North Jakarta. This park is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk area in North Jakarta. This tourism park is able to become an alternative entertainment place for you who want to visit Jakarta. At this Angke Kapuk natural park, you are really back to the nature. At this park, you can enjoy the beautiful comfortable and cool nature.

Angke Kapuk Natural Park also balances the density of citizens, vehicles and also buildings in Jakarta. It gives coolness from the hot weather of Jakarta. This park is a natural preservation area which is dominated with mangrove trees, enlivened with the chirping birds. This park is suitable for anybody to refresh their mind. Besides that, this park is also suitable for you who want to enjoy the natural beauty, especially at mangrove forest. While walking at this park, you can see flora and fauna. At this park, you can rent a boat and feel a sensation to have an adventure like at Amazon River, zigzaging through the forest and also small and large bridges.

This mangrove forest area can also become an education park for children. At this area, the children are taught to plant mangrove to know how important it is to maintain and know the nature closer, so that they know the benefit and the importance of nature for human’s life. To give service and comfort to visitors, the management of the park has given complete facility. There is café, restaurant, mosque and rest room as well as children’s playground. If you want to stay at night, you can rent a villa to enjoy the mangrove forest at night.

To go to Angke Kapuk Park is not difficult because it is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk housing complex and you can use private or public transportation. Arriving at Tzu chi center of Buddha school, you can go down the housing complex until the gate of Angke Kapuk Park. If you are in Jakarta, please set your time to visit Mangrove forest of Angke Kapuk.

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