Indonesia is indeed a place that has many tourist areas and also places that have historical value, but one of the beautiful tourist area of Anggi Gita Lake. Sights of the lake is always interesting to visit. Because, besides having a natural feel beautiful, tranquil lake water can also bring peace to anyone who was nearby. In addition, various activities are very exciting as the boat around the lake, fishing, and others also make the lake the more interesting sights to visit. This lake is located in the Arfak mountains at an altitude of 2 km. 
Temperature around Anggi Gita Lake is very cold, i.e. about 8 to 20 degrees Celsius, let alone on the Kobrey Hill where temperature can reach 6 degrees celsius. Therefore most Sough Tribecommunity in Iray Village many horticultural farming such as potatoes, carrots, leeks, celery, various types of flowers including Gladiolus Anggi and Rhododenrum. They have not been acquainted with pesticides, so plants that they plant thrives and avoid toxic chemicals and dangerous. Unfortunately, their yields are still hard to be marketed out of their ghetto area with high transport costs reasons, not enough for a roundtrip fare like in the Ransiki orManokwari. They’re still very hopeful if traders from outside came in to buy their crops.According to the history of the people of Manokwari, coupled with Anggi Giji lake, in antiquity is a pair of men separated by high mountain.
According to the story in circulation, tourism Anggi Lake and Lake Gita Anggi Giji are two lake formed from a pair of men who had once lived in the mountains of Arfak. But, of course, the story is a myth as well as myths about the creation of a mountain or a lake in Indonesia in general. The unique tourist attraction is a pair of lakes that although both lakes are only separated by a towering mountain, but the lakes are different colors. Sightseeing Lake Anggi Gita has a clear blue color, while the attractions of Lake Anggi Giji has a black color. It is strange is not it? However, they still offer a beautiful natural shades typical of New Guinea, making it both an object of the best travel destination well worth visiting.
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