Ampera Bridge

The parts of Ampera Bridge, when it has been woke up, as long as 71,90 meters, widely 22 meters. Part of bridge heavy entirety 944 that ton can be lifted with speed about 10 meters per minute. Two jacking tower of the bridge upstanding as high as 63 meters. Apart between these two tower is 75 meters. This two Tower provided with two pendulum of about 500-ton weight. Then the bridge lifted up, wide ship of the size 60 meters and highly maximum 44,50 meters, can pass to ford of Musi River. And when middle shares of this bridge did not lifted, maximum high of ships, which can pass under the bridge only 9 meters of water level of river.

Since 1970, the bridge shall no longer fluctuate again. Time used to lift this bridge that is about 30 minute, assumed to bother traffic current between defecting Ulu and Ilir, two Town of Palembang area dissociated by Musi River. The river is only connecting by Ampera Bridge. But Arsyad anticipate, the reason of Ampera Bridge do not fluctuate again because of there is no big ship which can sail in Musi River. The river become worse superficiality that cannot navigate by king sized ship.

Ampera Bridge has been renovated in 1981, by finishing fund about Rp 850 million. Renovating conducted after emerging care of threat damage of the bridge can make it fall down. Today, expanding discourse about the important thing to development of Musi III Bridge and Musi IV Bridge as another way to connective Ulu and Ilir, at the same time the development meant to develop Ulu area.

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