Ampel Mosque

Sunan Ampel Mausoleum located in building west of Ampel Mosque. When its firstly built, This fairish mosque 45 m x 45 m with number of pillars which made from teak wooden 16 each fruits is length 17 m without extension. Its diameter is about 60 cm. So this thing becomes a question mark and idiosyncrasy. At that moment there are not heavy equipments yet and few number of men, how to do the Mosque building.

Enter Ramadan month, a fasting month of Islam believer, and this place become like fun visited both to implementing pray purpose and also for pilgrimage to Sunan Ampel mausoleum. There even has iktikaf. Iktikaf is break with all earthly problems for self-delivery fully to God in certain grace period.

According to official member of the mosque takmir, every day around two thousands paid a visit. Sometime they come by using bus that is the numbers reach 30 buses. The Surabaya City Government gives some facilities for Sunan Ampel Religious. It provide with wide park area. This mosque surrounded dwelt by descendant majority from Central-East countries (Arab, Iran, etc).

Ampel Mosque is located not far from Tanjung Perak Port about 4 km. The main port in Indonesia of east region, both of the Passenger boat and also cargo that always rotation to lean and sail.

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