Ammatoa indigenous village is located on Tana Towa village, Kajang sub-district, Bulukumban regency, South Sulawesi. The most inhabitant of this village is Kajang tribe, whose all the people wearing black for their clothing. This black color is becomes the life philosophy within the society. It taken from the thought of dark womb of the mother back to its dark grave when we died. The black color becomes the villagers clothes every day. Ranging from gloves, clothes to cover the head. The name of Ammatoa is taken from the leader of the village, a head chief of Kajang tribe. In everyday spoken, this society is using Konjo traditional language. Ammatoa has duty to pray all human being and the whole nature away from the disaster. Kajang tribe believe that the place where they belong, Tana Towa, is the oldest land in the world far before the life itself.

When entering Ammatoa village, the chatter of chirping birds, the rocking land and the bushy trees welcoming us. Those nuance will always there during the visit, along the neighborhood. The atmosphere here happen for most of the area is still part of the forest.

This village is being arrange in the same order, every local inhabitant having the same type of house and it has the same direction. The house is made by wooden on stilts, and there will be tame animals like chicken, cows or horses. In daily of living, Kajang tribe is still believe on some myths and beliefs. Those myths are made for not to terrify the society, but it made for control the behavior and way of living with the nature.

According to Ammotoa, the way of life is been arrange by Pasang. Pasang is kind of unwritten advice that being told by the ancestors. Pasang is include some elements in both life and survival. Ammatoa village is still virgin on modernization, there are no electricity, cellular, electronic device or even modern vehicles. The Pavilion at the entrance to the village seemed to be limiting of modern life and the life of indigenous Kajang tribe. They are not refuse those modernization, they just believe on the content of nature that they take. 

The most famous adat community in Sulawesi, Kajang Dalam, located within the administrative borders of Bulukumba. Although the Kecamantan of Kajang has its formal structures with the camat and kepala desa, there is a parallel adat structure under the authority of the Amma Toa that exists and seems not to need formal recognition from the district government.

 The size of the adat territory in Kajang Dalam is approximately 25 hectares. The territory is called rambbang seppang. This already includes 2 hectares of the Amma Toa’s land, and the rest is divided into 4 villages; Tana Toa, Malleleng, Bonto Baji, and Batu Nilamung. At present there are community mapping initiatives involving AMAN SS and others to clearly indicate the wilayah adat and to support claims over this territory. The informal borders that separate this customary territory from the rest of the Kajang Luar are respected by everyone.

If one wants to enter Kajang Dalam, for instance, permission must be requested first, and once this is obtained various protocol have to be followed, such as the removal of ones shoes and socks, the wearing of all black clothes, and so on. While the influence of modern life has started to creep into this territory, the customs of old take precedence and life still reflects the ways of the ancestors.


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