Alam Mayang located at H. Imam Munandar Street, approximately 8 km from downtown Pekanbaru District of Bukit Raya. These attractions offer family recreational vehicle in the open. Alam Mayang, in addition to being a place of recreation for families, Alam Mayang also facilitates for people who want to hold events and Specific Events, also provides some facilities fishing pond, to satisfy for people who like fishing and several games for young children among them, water bikes, outbound, and even some games for small children even exist here. Mayang Nature Recreation Park is surrounded by hills, cool the surrounding air so it is suitable for relaxing with the family. From here, you can also see Leighton Bridge across the River Siak.

Alam Mayang name a fishing pond or facilities located at km 8 road Harapan Raya, Eastern Tangkerang Village, Bukit Raya District, Pekanbaru. Here, there are three fishing ponds which can be used to satisfy the preferences of your fishing. With a total area 18.560 meters and various types of fish such as carp, fat, Parrot Fish and astringent siam ready for us to take home for the family. Not infrequently, the tourist attractions in Pekanbaru was used as the location of the fishing match held local government. More fun again fishing with family in the pool area because there are a small canteen. In addition to fishing, you can try the flying fox and various other outbound activities. For a more relaxing activities, there are water bicycles and a giant water balls that you can rent.

This natural recreational purposes proved to be very attractive even people from outside the city of Pekanbaru also many recreation there, because the atmosphere is cool and comfortable to be used for various things and activities, not only for fishing. If bringing children, there is a shower arena ball, children’s playground and a 3D film studio in tourist area of 24 hectares. There was also a monkey mask and clown magic show to entertain you and your family. Mayang Nature Recreation Park is open daily at 08:00 until 18:00 start with the entrance fee of 20,000 rupiah per person.

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