Akbar Cave

Sometimes, there is a solo pionist or guitarist, and the visitors can involve in singing a song.

This cave has two sacred places called “Pasepen Kori Sinandi” and “Pasujudan Baitul Akbar”. You have to put of your shoes when you are going to enter. It is forbiden for women who get menstruation.
The area of the cave has been opened about five hundred in square meter only. The long tunnels that are forty or fifty kilometers has been closed to avoid any danger. Small cafeteria is available, too. The slow music will accompany while you’re enjoying the food and drinks.

That is the miracle of God as Mercy with dedicated to human in order to care and protect, finally it was to be enjoyed. Based on that case Mr. Haji Hindarto, head of regent of Tuban thought that, Akbar cave can be renovated to be a wonderful and amazing tourism object. So he began to realize his dream cames true. Finally, he built it up with the sense of art, and now we can see what wonderful it is.

The cave is located in the centre of the town. It is behind the traditional market “Pasar Baru”. So you will not find any difficulties to get there. Come and see its beauty.

The Legend of Akbar Cave

* This cave had been used for training centre of Ronggolawe soldiers when they planned to attack Mojopahit Kingdom at 13th Century.
* This miracles cave was well-known as a hidden place of Raden Mas Sahid, a generous robber who finally regretted and becomes the saints of Islam (Wali Songo), with his popular name “Sunan Kalijaga” in 17th century.

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