Air Muara Teweh city, is the capital of North Barito regency predominantly derived from Bakumpai Dayak tribe, sub ethnic Dayak in Barito who embraced Islam. A small town surrounded by forest and elongated shape along rivers is the only city in the countryside crowded Barito River, which divides the island of Borneo Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, until Murung highway, Central Kalimantan. Teweh estuary is a small town surrounded by forest. Elongated shape along rivers, is the only city “crowded” in the hinterland of the Barito River, which divides the island of Borneo Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan until Murung Raya in Central Kalimantan. Teweh estuary presents a unique landscape. In this small town, there are quite a lot of floating houses, they called Lanting, who lined up along the banks of the Barito River.

This type of house can be considered a sort of local wisdom in the face of the danger of flooding. Due to flooding in Muara Teweh generally a puddle, not flood, so however high the flood that happened would not drown the houses. Along the river, visitors will also find a charming natural scenery. Witnessed dense and green forests of Borneo and listen to the song of typical animal animals that live in it is a valuable experience that may not be experienced in other places. By using the motorcycle taxi speed boat, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape as much along the Barito River flow. Visitors do not need to worry about the price offered, because there is no official price for transportation, so visitors can bid. In general, the size of the cost depending on the desired mileage by visitors.

Not an easy journey to the city of Muara Teweh. Although located in North Barito regency in Central Kalimantan, the main transportrasi lines instead of Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan. Getting there can use private vehicles or public transportation. From Banjarmasin, there are large buses leading to the Muara Teweh takes about 11 hours or with a small fly planes. Of course with this plane cost becomes more expensive. Teweh estuary was beautiful, especially when the full moon, seemed moon overhead, teenagers menongkrong upstream, and the song of the typical sort of rhyme or sisindiran Priangan ground. Barito river also called Hamlet River or the Great Banjar River. Name Barito Barito taken under the name of land, located in the upper which includes the province of Central Kalimantan.

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