Aek Matua Waterfall

aek_matua_waterfall.jpgAek Martua Waterfall is one of the leading tourist district of Rokan Hulu (Holy) in Riau Province of Indonesia. Aek Martua is the name of a river in the Village area Bangun Purba Tangun District and Aek Martua Waterfall is the highest waterfall of the many waterfalls found along the river upstream.
Simalombu hill these are the names of this region which is the status of natural forests Forest Park with the potential for hundreds of cubic tree. Aek Martua name comes from the tribe Mandailing Water Sorcerer’s meaning is, where the majority population of this village is the tribe Mandailing.
Location Aek Martua waterfalls located in the Bukit Barisan mountain range area in the district of Rokan Hulu. Aek Waterfall Martua are unique and distinctive because it has three levels. Aek-in-law has a breathtaking natural panorama. The water is crystal clear like bottled mineral water, it makes good eye could see. In addition to being a tourist attraction, now Aek Martua, it has also become an object of research by universities in Pekanbaru.
To visit the waterfall, this Martua Aek you from Pekanbaru – Sand Pengaraian (increased transport L300 or Superban USD. 35 000) fell in Simpang Tangun. Then go up to the type of transport to Tangun oplet and Omprengan USD. 5000. At the entrance to this tourist attraction began passing the suspension bridge and footpath on the estate community is located around 3, 5 km, then through a protected forest area is located around 3 km. incline and there are derivatives which are quite steep and beautiful scenery. Panorama’s natural forests will accompany us into this Martua Aek Waterfall.

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