Aek Martua Waterfall located in the bangun purba district, Rokan Hulu regency. This waterfall is located in the Bukit Barisan mountain plateau. Is a terraced waterfall that level, so it is often also called waterfall stairs thousand. This place can be reached by road, more or less approximately two-thirds of the bottom of the grave ascetic Cipogas, with a waterfall that has the form of terraced levels, truly awesome natural scenery to be enjoyed. Aek Martua name is the name of a river where the waterfalls are located and originated from tribal languages Mandailings which means Air Sorcerer.

There are three beautiful waterfalls and spectacular with a distance of several tens of meters in this region varies with the height of 15 meters to a high of 35 meters. The first waterfall has a stretch of rock that is wide enough to play the water, while the second waterfall has a pool of 250 m2 for the bath, the more spectacular waterfalls are the third, of course, for those who have the expertise to rock climbing to the site.

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