Adrenalin Kicks on Cikole Downhill Track, Bandung

Cikole Downhill Track is one of several downhill track which is has an extreme track, located in Lembang Bandung. The entry pass of Cikole is about Rp.10,000 each bike, in Cikole there are two tracks, namely DH and AM, a downhill Track has a distance of 1.5 km with altitude 1708-1539 meters above sea level.

Beginning at the starting gate in the form of a mound of earth as high as 1.5 meters DH started down the track has been created in such a way to please downhiller in the form of dozens of obstacle which varied under the shade of a pine tree forest, there brem fun where we can weave cycling fast downhill to the finish line, the time needed to take the track is 5-11 minutes depending on how fast we drove. If you want to repeat sojourners pick up vehicles are on site.

Track is not less exciting is the All Mountain ( AM ), here we will enjoy a long route is approximately 16.5 km consisting of 20 % slope , 10 % and 70 % plains derivatives amid pine forests, strat from nearly the same location with DH, we will do the adventure along the path with obstacle natural form of roots and tree trunks are also stones, will surely treck off road, need a lot of stamina and adequate equipment such as tires, pumps, of course, rations sufficient because there is no minimarket inside the forest.

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