A Tobelorese Wedding

tobelo.jpgTraditional Tobelorese weddings are among the most colorful in Maluku – I had the luck to attend one on an off-shore island. Among the Tobelorese, Christians also follow traditions during their wedding ceremonies, and stick to traditional music and dance instead of modern stuff. This wedding was also a Christian one, so women also behaved more uninhibitedly during the informal

Well before the actual ceremony started in the evening, people started. playing music and dancing joyously. Here a few adventurous women are having fun trying to perform the cakalele dance, normally done by men. It caused great laughter!

The entire wedding was accompanied by traditional Tobelorese music, played with gongs and drums.

In the evening, the young bride was escorted to the groom’s house by female relatives. She was dressed in traditional finery, as were the other women, who kept playing on small drums while walking with her.

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