9 Scariest River Resident

ikan_seram.jpgFISH is a member of the vertebrate poikilotermik (cold blooded) that live in water and breathe with gills. Fish is the most diverse vertebrate species of more than 27.000 worldwide.

Here are some horrible fish are:

African Lungfish
Creatures of the river is quite strange in my opinion. For people who’ve never seen it, definitely will think of this creature as a monster because of the creepy.

However, despite its terrible, this animal is totally harmless. These fish adapt to its environment is less oxygen, making this fish rarely seen by humans.

Goliath Tigerfish
Hearing the name alone, we already know if this creature is not being arbitrary. With up to 1.5 meters long and sharp teeth, of course many people are afraid to look spooky fish.

Goliath Tigerfish is the largest variant in the family Tigerfish, and is a great predator. This fish is famous for its strength and speed.

Vampire Piranha
Vampire Piranha is a close relative of the famous piranha fish of the Amazon river. This fish is called a piranha because vampire fangs that can reach 6 inches. Piranha fish which is rarely known to live in the Orinoco River, Venezuela.

Mekong Giant Catfish
Surely most readers already know this one fish. Fish are almost similar to the whale shark is the largest freshwater fish ever found and is from China. The biggest size is closer to whales than freshwater fish in general.

Bagarius Yarelli
Known also as the "Yeti of the river" or meat-eating Catfish. This fish has teeth – sharp teeth with a long reach 1 inch. In fact, the fish habitat in several countries in Asia are said to like to eat human flesh, although still a rumor.

Alligator Gar
River creatures this one looks like a mix between alligators and fish. Animals that live in North America is rarely hunt prey, but wait for prey that passes in front of his mouth, then he pounced with remarkable speed.

Overview Pirarucu very similar to the famous Arowana fish in Indonesia, these fish also have in common with arowana fish, which is the same – just like jumping into the air to hunt and breathe air.

This fish is actually not harmful, but if it feels threatened, he will use his head for self-defense weapon.

Chinese Paddle Fish
Fish originating from China is indeed unique. Many people say if this fish is a fish with the face of the worst in the world. Although dubbed as King of the Yangtze River, but fish are believed to have been extinct.

Piraiba Catfish
Fish that can reach 3 meters in length with a weight of 272 kg was scared most of the anglers. This fish is famous for its strength, even the fish are said to be able to make a man drowned in his might.

A lot of rumors that circulated when the cause of anglers – the missing anglers when fishing in the river is being dragged by the fish into the river to drown.

Well, it turns out the river was not inferior to the ocean, many creatures – unique creatures living here. Although the forms – they are physically somewhat unique and strange, but it can not be denied again when the earth still holds much potential that if humans have not been found.

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