June 2015


Gorontalo Harbour

With its old dutch colonial buildings, surrounding waterfalls, hot springs and pristine coral reefs for diving Gorontalo should be a world famous destination. However, most travellers only use it as a hub for the Togean islands. The overnight ferry, Touna Tomini, from Ampana / Togean… Read More »Gorontalo Harbour


Gorontalo Airport

Jalaluddin Airport is an airport in Gorontalo City, Gorontalo, Indonesia. A new 2,500 meter runway with 45 meters width will be built on a 40 hectares leasing of Indonesian Air Force land due to extent the old runway will disturb flights. The project is predicted… Read More »Gorontalo Airport


Taluhu Barakati

Lots of interesting places for tourists destination in the province of Gorontalo. Saronde Island, Taluhu BARAKATI, Lake Limboto only part of the sights and attractions Gorontalo Gorontalo are able to attract tourists to come to one of the provinces on Sulawesi island. Gorontalo is a… Read More »Taluhu Barakati


Orange Fortress

Fort Orange is reminder of the Portuguese presence in this area during the 15th century. Fort Orange (Dutch: Fort Oranje) was built as a trading post on the Dutch Gold Coast in 1642, near Sekondi. The trading post was enlarged into a fort in 1690.… Read More »Orange Fortress


Bajo Tribe Village

Bajo’s Tribe Villages (Tilamuta, Torosiaje, Popayato) Bajo’s tribe lives in a group and has their own culture and habit. They always make activities on the boat and they work as a fisherman. The Bajo’s tribe that still live in the boat is called as “Bangau”,… Read More »Bajo Tribe Village