December 2010

Menipo Island

Menipo Island is not shown in any geographical map. It is only 571 hectares large or 7,328 meters long and 700 meters wide. It is separated from Timor Island by a narrow strait. Menipo Island is part of Enoraen Village, Kuarasi District, in Kupang Regency.… Read More »Menipo Island


A neat little town in Western Sumba, full of old graves carved in motifs of buffalo-horns, man-heads, horses, nude men or women symbolizing social status or the wealth of the people. Right in the capital city of Waikabubak, we can see the following tombs: Kadung… Read More »Waikabubak


Larantuka is a neat clean seaport with a beautiful view. Everything is within walking distance except for the pier where the boats leave for Timor (4-5 km from town). Even that is a pleasant walk if we do it early enough before it gets too hot.… Read More »Larantuka


On the west end of Flores is the picturesque little town of Labuanbajo. A little town inhabited by fishermen, lies at the extreme western part of Flores. The town serves as a jumping-off point for the trip to Komodo Island. It is a beautiful area… Read More »Labuanbajo

Savu Island

Savu is dry for large parts of the year, due to hot winds blowing from the Australian continent. Most rain falls during the months from November to March. Between 82% & 94% of all rainfalls during the west monsoon, with little or no rain falling… Read More »Savu Island


Maumere is a port town on the northeastern coast of Flores and a stop over on the way to Ende or to Larantuka. It is well connected by air with Kupang, Denpasar, and Ujung Pandang, and noted for its good beaches. The bay of Maumere… Read More »Maumere

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is located in the center of the Indonesian archipelago, between Sumbawa and Flores islands. Established in 1980, initially the main purpose of the Park was to conserve the unique Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) and its habitat. However, over the years, the goals… Read More »Komodo National Park

Dana Island

Dana is also called Nieuw Eiland and Hokki, the latter not known to the local people. Dana is a small, uninhabited island, situated thirty kilometers Southwest of Rai Jua. The rocky, south side of the island is exposed to deep ocean swells originating in the… Read More »Dana Island

Namata Island

Namata is located in Western Savu. Namata is a traditional village where the ritual ceremonies are frequently held. There are megalithic stones and traditional houses. It is located in the Rai Lolo village, 3 km from the capital city of Heb’a (Seba) in western Savu… Read More »Namata Island

Lembata Island

Lembata Island is known throughout the world as the home of traditional whaling but what is not known is that the people of this Island are especially rich in cultural tradition. The beautiful rich Ikat weavings are entirely made from homegrown cotton, spun and dyed… Read More »Lembata Island