November 2010

Mount Banyak

Mount Banyak is located in Songgokerto village, Batu district. Mount Banyak also has beautiful natural scenery. This mount is tourism object that being applied for unique sport called ‘Paralayang’ or ‘Gantole’ and down hill sport. Paralayang sport is free flying sport just like a bird.… Read More »Mount Banyak

Trisula Monument

Beside PETA Monument, Blitar city that save many strugle history, also has Trisula Monument. This monument is also aimed to memorize one of Indonesia struggle in reach the peace and independence life. The monument has inspirited by Trisula operation. The Trisula operation in 1968 was… Read More »Trisula Monument

PETA Monument

In 1945, Blitar city has become the center of PETA rebellion army, fight against Japan army that is leading by a Soedanco Soepriyadi. To honor the hero, it built a Monument, which located in front of ex-PETA station, precisely in Soedanco Soepriyadi Street. The monument… Read More »PETA Monument

Serang Beach

Serang Beach is located in Serang village, Panggungrejo district, about 40 km from Blitar city. In every Suro month (new year in Java calendar), it has performed Larung Sesaji ceremony in this beach. In this location, also utilized to see Ramadhan and determined holiday of… Read More »Serang Beach

Kebon Rojo

Kebon Rojo (king garden) is family recreation and amusement centre that resides in Blitar Mayor duty house complex and reserved for common public / tourist, freely. There are various stepped animals in the garden, playground, relaxing place, actor appreciation podium that has background of one… Read More »Kebon Rojo

Embultuk Cave

Embultuk Cave is a natural cave with beautiful stalagmite and stalactite. Embultuk cave is located in Tumpakkepuh village, Bakung district, to the south of Blitar city with a distance of about 40 kilometers. This cave is about 1500 meters long and about 3 meters wide… Read More »Embultuk Cave

Jolosutro Beach

Jolosutro beach is located in Ringenrejo village, Wates district about 45 km from Blitar city. This beach is one of Blitar beach as part of the South Sea. Jolosutro beach has very beautiful south beach waves that splashing in the sea. Many tourists who want… Read More »Jolosutro Beach

Gerbang Palace

Gebang Palace (House remain ‘Bung Karno’) is Soekarno’s parents’ residence. This building is remaining to historical building in Blitar. This palace is not far from Bung Karno Grave about 2 km southerly, precisely in Sultan Agung street 69 Blitar. In that house, is always held… Read More »Gerbang Palace