October 2010

Wana Tirta Dander

Next south of Bojonegoro city about 13 km, there is nature tourism object and artificial tourism object, precise in Dander village, Dander district, that famous with Tirtawana, Tirta meaning Water and Wana meaning that the Forest. It’s mean that there is water in the forest. Tirta… Read More »Wana Tirta Dander

Tape Bondowoso

Bondowoso is well known / famous as Tape City (Kota Tape). “Tape” is a typical traditional food from Bondowoso and it is spread in almost every area in Bondowoso district. This food can be considered as a good and nutritious snack. Tape is sweet food… Read More »Tape Bondowoso

Brass Industry

Brass (kuningan) handicrafts are located in Cindogo village, Tapen district, about 12 km east of Bondowoso – Situbondo. There are many brass handicrafts in this area; for example, it is used to make the colorful decorations for house equipments, ceremony equipments (like Bokor and Gayung)… Read More »Brass Industry

Kayangan Api

The name of “Kayangan Api” is a fire source that never die, located in the forest in Sendangharjo village, Ngasem district, a village that has about 42,29% jungle area of the village width. According to a story, Kayangan Api is a place of Mbah Kriyo… Read More »Kayangan Api

Tour Bendi

Tour Bendi is traditional vehicle using a horse. Bendi is one of traditional vehicle in Bondowoso that has unique form. The driver of Bendi called “Kusir” (Coachman). He will command the horse to pull the carriage, run slowly. The passengers are sitting down on the… Read More »Tour Bendi

Wayang Thengul

Thengul Puppet is Bojonegoro typical puppet in 3 dimension form and accompanied by the Javanese instrument (Gamelan) named Pelog / Slendro. Even though, this Thengul Puppet are seldom to show, but its existence is always take carefull in Bojonegoro regency, especially in Kanor district that… Read More »Wayang Thengul


Tayub is companionship dance that very popular in Bojonegoro people and around it. This dance usually done by men and accompanied with Gamelan instrument and Javanese songs that sang by ‘Waranggono’. The lyric is usually filled of an advice or instruction. This dance show is… Read More »Tayub