July 2010

Pulau Sambiki

This idyllic little uninhabited islet just off the coast at Sambiki village is Obi’s main tourist attraction. It offers great beaches and snorkelling. You can hire someone to row you over here in a canoe from the village.

Duurstede Fort

This large, 17th century Dutch fort stands on the sea-side in Kota Saparua. It has been heavily restored, making it look a bit like it has been built of concrete just a few years ago. Though it has lost its originality, its location remains beautiful,… Read More »Duurstede Fort

Indonesian Heroes’ Park

Not to be outdone by the Commonwealth, Indonesia has also established a similar memorial nearby, dedicated to the soldiers who fought to keep South Maluku in Indonesia. It is however far less attractive, with an overdose of concrete.

Pulau Pombo

This postcard-perfect little islet surrounded by white sands is sitting in the straits between Ambon and Haruku, to the north-east of Waai. If you are not going to visit remoter parts of Maluku, chartering a boat to bring you out here could provide that essential… Read More »Pulau Pombo


This pretty village, located at the foot of towering limestone cliffs, is Seram’s most popular tourist-destination. Apart from its scenic setting, it offers great accommodation, good snorkelling, birdwatching, and is a possible starting point for treks through the interior.

Harau Valley

Along the road to Harau Valley is a lovely countryside. Steep granite walls shelter the fertile valley. A waterfall, 150 meters high falls into a basin. The Harau Valley is a nature and wildlife reserve, where tapir, siamangs, boars, wild goats and tigers still roam.… Read More »Harau Valley


It is located at Margasana village, Kramatwatu district as a part of arceological complex of Old Banten. The word Tasikardi is derived from the name Tasik means danau, and Kardi means man made . Thus Tasikardi means a man made lake. Its width is approximatelly… Read More »Tasikardi

Jagir DAM Wonokromo

dam-jagir4.jpgNowadays, Wonokromo has differed. Wonokromo will become a legend in civilization dynamics of Surabaya city. For Surabaya society, Wonokromo has histories – psychologies meaning and monumental social cultural urban character. Wonokromo and Sawunggaling is development Centrum of metropolitan ‘"Surabaya tempo doeloe" (Surabaya in the past) act. Song "… Semanggi Suroboyo… Lontong Balap Wonokromo…" be the eternity hymn symbolizing how the importance of Wonokromo for Suroboyo people. But, what’s going on in Wonokromo cosmos?

In Wonokromo, is residence various element typical of public Surabaya. Wonokromo face, present Surabaya Zoo (KBS), Joyoboyo Terminal, Wonokromo Market, Jagir Dam, and Railway station (KA) Wonokromo.

Jagir Dam Building ought to be made as tourism asset, which can deliver state’s stock exchange. The historical value of this dam can be promoted to the domestic tourists and also foreign countries especially Dutch that has relationship in the past period. Though, the travelers (especially from Dutch) who visit Surabaya are wonder to show all dams in Surabaya, include of Jagir Dam. Does the Government Town Organizer of Surabaya (Pemkot) have been so busy? So they have no time again to make up the potency in Jagir?

The efforts that make up Wonokromo bring continuation implication in Kali Wonokromo sweeping form and Kalimas in total. Jagir Dam can be made the initial bollard of water tourism from South Surabaya area. Water tourism of course require boats respect and clean and conducive for the tourist alongside the river stream.